Welcome to laku

Welcome to laku

Welcome to lakuWelcome to lakuWelcome to laku

About Us

3 Event Skiing at Its Best

Laku Landing is a premier 3 event water ski site nestled east of the Rockies in Northern Colorado.  Laku is designed and maintained to be a record capable 3 event facility but pride's itself on being a place that all levels of skier can come enjoy and improve their skills.

Tournament Fun

Laku Landing hosts multiple tournaments each season and invites anybody interested in competitive or just for the fun of it skiing to come join us.

Club Membership

Laku Landing is a membership based club.  With the purchase of stock and annual dues payments you receive access to the site, 2 ski lakes, 3 ski boats, fuel, slalom courses and a jump.

Contact Us

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We love our fellow skiers so feel free to reach out to come visit us.

Laku Landing Water Ski Club

Laku Lake Rd, Windsor, CO 80550


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